William Ross
Vital statistics
Position Vice Admiral
Age Unknown
Status Active 2375
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Vice Admiral William J. Ross, was the Field Commander of Starfleet forces during the Dominion War and was the coordinator of Starfleet's defense of the Bolian and Bajoran fronts in the early stages of that war. His command post was on Starbase 375, where he was in direct command of the 7th Tactical Wing. During the first three months of the war, Ross was under severe pressure to halt the advance of the Dominion. Ross did this by making Captain Sisko his adjutant, in order to relieve himself of making minor tactical plans and reports. This action gave Ross the initiative to find the "Argolis Cluster Sensor Array." This sensor array was the Dominion's line of sight over all the Bajoran and Bolian fronts at the start of the War. Ross, along with Sisko, planned the attack on the Argolis Array and succeeded in the destruction of the array in late March 2374. As the war progressed, Ross took a much more tactical role rather than strategically planning the war effort. After the first battle of Chin'toka, Ross was posted aboard Deep Space Nine to command the Allied forces presently hemmed in at Chin'toka. It was later revealed that Ross was one of the few Starfleet personnel to know of the existence of Section 31. Although he collaborates with Section 31 in one of their operations, like Julian Bashir he staunchly maintains that he is not a member of the organization. During the Battle of Cardassia, Ross led the Starfleet wing of the assault fleet. He devised the planned assault on Cardassia and, soon afterwards, presided over the signing of the Treaty of Bajor at which he gave a speech to the delegates. His flagship is the Intrepid Class USS Bellerophon.

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