Vital statistics
Position Crewman
Age Unknown
Status Active 2268
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Vinci was a crewman in the security contingent aboard USS Enterprise.

In 2266, Captain James Kirk ordered security detail to the gymnasium, Vinci and another man responded. Charles Evans used his telekenetic powers to knock the redshirts to the floor Vinci drew his phaser, and Charlie made it disappear – along with every other phaser on the ship. 

On stardate 3196 he served on a security team ordered by Lieutenant Commander Giotto to hunt for the Horta, on Janus VI. 

Vinci served as the transporter chief when the Enterprise visited Triacus. He inadvertently beamed two security officers into space before it was discovered that the ship had left orbit and was on course for Marcos XII. 

He helped Montgomery Scott getting into a Jefferies tube when the Enterprise when the matter-antimatter integrator was fused, later the same year.

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