Tropp NextGen RichB
Vital statistics
Position Assistant Chief medical
Age Unknown
Status Active 2381
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Doctor Tropp is a male Denobulan who by 2378 was the Assistant Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Enterprise-E.   Tropp remained aboard the Enterprise during its repair at Earth following the battle with Shinzon .

In 2380 Dr. Tropp assisted with the re-stimulation of hair follicles of the recovered Borg drone, Rebekah Grabowski. 

Tropp witnessed the damages done by the Borg Invasion of 2381; after one particular engagement against three Borg cubes in the Azure Nebula, Tropp worked with intern th'Shelas, technician Zseizaz, and Nurse Amavia to save a Bajoran woman who had lost her legs; however, her injuries were too severe and Beverly Crusher had to insist that he stop with her and move on to the next patient.

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