Tal Celes
Vital statistics
Position Crewman

Sensor analyst

Age Unknown
Status Active 2377
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Tal Celes was a Bajoran Starfleet crewman who served aboard the Federation starship USS Voyager, which became stranded in the Delta Quadrant in 2371. By 2376, Celes was a grade three sensor analyst assigned to Voyager's astrometrics department under Seven of Nine, the department's head.

At Starfleet Academy Celes had great difficulty with her enlistee training courses and worked three times as hard as her classmates in order to keep up. She frequently had to spend all night cramming to pass her training. She believed that she was graduated from training due to sympathy over her homeworld's conflict, and the desire of Starfleet to have Bajorans in the service.

Celes especially had difficulty with sensor data analysis. As a sensor analyst, her work had to be constantly double-checked much to Seven of Nine 's immense irritation. Often, Celes had to call upon her closest friend on Voyager, crewman William "Billy" Telfer , to help her with the analyses

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