Soleta NewFrontier RichB
Vital statistics
Position Lieutenant
Age Born 2337
Status Active 2376
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Soleta was a loyal member of Starfleet, but was conflicted by newfound knowledge of her heritage, that eventually drove her into the arms of the Romulan Star Empire, and soon she went out on her own in the new chaotic universe.

In 2336, on the Vulcan colony world of Cor Caroli IX, T'Pas, a local Vulcan woman, came to the aid of the pilot of a Romulan shuttlecraft after it crashed on the planet's surface. The pilot in question, Rajari, was a smuggler and criminal who viewed women as things to be abused by men, so he overpowered and raped T'Pas. T'Pas discovered shortly after that she was pregnant with Rajari's child, but decided to keep the baby and Soleta was born the following year. Soleta was raised by T'Pas and her mate, Volak, with the latter believing that she was a full-blooded Vulcan.

In 2357, Soleta enrolled at Starfleet Academy and during her time there, formed a tight circle of friends with her roommate Cadet Tania Tobias, and fellow cadets Mark McHenry, Zak Kebron and Worf.

Soleta excelled with her studies, and, later that same year, was chosen to become part of an Academy contingent to travel to the jointly-run colony of Dantar IV, which was controlled by the Federation and Klingon Empire. When the colony was unexpectedly attacked by Brikar forces, necessitating an evacuation, Soleta voluntarily remained behind in the warzone when the evacuation ships reached capacity. Shortly after the battle, Soleta captured a Brikar pilot named Baan from one of the downed Brikar ships. When traditional interrogation techniques proved useless, Soleta performed a mind meld which yielded the next attack plan by the Brikar, which the Federation and Klingons used to successfully defeat the Brikar. Soleta then journeyed back to Earth to finish her training.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

USS ExcaliburEdit

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