Sita Mohindas
Mohindas Sita RichB
Vital statistics
Position Lieutenant

Helmsman Second officer

Age Unknown
Status Active 2254
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Sita Mohindas was a Human female who served in Starfleet in the 23rd century. Through the early-2250s she served under Captain Christopher Pike as the USS Enterprise's helmsman. Mohindas was born in the city-state of Delhi on Earth, the daughter of Ambassador Rajiv Mohindas. She was considered an excellent, all-around flight officer when she came aboard the USS Enterprise in 2251 having turned down a promotion on the USS Valley Forge to serve under Captain Christopher Pike on the Enterprise. Mohindas was a sharp-tongued woman who favored a quick retort, especially with her partner on the Bridge, José Tyler . She was also a strong believer in having fun.

In 2254 she was amongst the injured during the Kaylar coup on Rigel VII.

As her father was the one who had made first contact with the planet Liria, Sita always felt guilty concerning Lieutenant Nano , as she believed her family bore the blame for him being a permanent outsider. Later in 2254, Nano absolved her of this blame, saying he actually owed her family a great debt.