Roberta Lincoln
Lincoln Bridge
Vital statistics
Position Secretary
Age Unknown
Status Active 1968
Physical attributes
Height 5'7"
Weight 120 lbs

Roberta Lincoln was a female Human.

In 1968, she was a twenty-year-old resident of New York City. She was five feet seven inches tall, weighed 120 pounds, her hair was tinted honey blonde, and she had two birthmarks; a small mole on her left shoulder and a somewhat larger, star-shaped mole on a portion of her anatomy she preferred not to discuss publicly. She was considered erratic, but also highly intelligent by the Beta 5 computer.

The same year, she was hired as a secretary by Agent 201 and Agent 347, two Humans sent to Earth by aliens to sabotage the launch of an orbital nuclear warhead platform by the USA. Their cover story for Lincoln and others was research for a new encyclopedia. Another agent, named Supervisor 194, Gary Seven , was sent to supervise Lincoln's employer's progress. When he was investigating their disappearance, Lincoln arrived at her workplace, the agents' office. Seven initially mistook her for Agent 201, but quickly realized the truth and told her he was working for the CIA. He also revealed the several technological devices he employed, such as his servo, Beta 5 computer, exceivers, transporter chamber, and a typewriter that actually typed what was spoken. Though she later learned he was no American and tried to stop him, she then changed her mind and helped him complete his mission. After this success, Captain Kirk remarked that many adventures would lie ahead of Lincoln and Seven

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