Rain Robinson
Vital statistics
Position Astronomer
Age Unknown
Status Active 1996
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Rain Robinson was a young Human female scientist who lived in Earth's Los Angeles region during the late 20th century.

In 1996, Robinson received a grant from entrepreneur Henry Starling and spent most of her time searching for extraterrestrials in Earth's SETI program. Robinson picked up USS Voyager's warp signature on her instruments when the ship was transported back to 1996 after an attack by a 29th century Federation timeship, Aeon, piloted by Captain Braxton, who believed that Voyager would cause an explosion in the future that would destroy his time period. She reported the findings to Henry Starling. Starling had found the timeship and used its technology to start a high-tech business and intended to time travel using Braxton's ship. This was what would cause the explosion in the future, destroying Earth.

Starling told Robinson to keep quiet about her discovery. However, she transmitted a message to Voyager, and the crew tracked her to Griffith Observatory. Rain met three members of the Voyager crew from the future: Tuvok, Tom Paris, and The Doctor. Starling sent one of his employees, Dunbar, to kill her. Tuvok and Paris saved her from the hit man. When Robinson questioned what they were up to, Paris told her they were secret agents tracking a Soviet KGB spy operation, but Robinson told them that the Soviet Union and the KGB no longer existed. She joined forces with them in stopping Starling's plan.

During her acquaintance with members of the Voyager crew, Rain became particularly fond of Tom Paris, due to their mutual love of vintage science fiction films. The two later shared a kiss just before Voyager departed for the 24th century. She was also disturbed by Tuvok's seemingly awkward behavior, referring to him as a "freakasaurus"

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