Pitts uss kelvin jjverse by stuart1001
New Timeline
Vital statistics
Position Bridge officer
Age Unknown
Status Active 2233
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Pitts was a Starfleet officer serving aboard the USS Kelvin in 2233, under the command of Captain Richard Robau.

In the alternate reality, Pitts was working on the bridge when the Kelvin came under attack by the Narada. He reported on the visual range of the "lightning storm" from which the Narada arrived and informed Robau when the enemy ship was firing its weapons.

Pitts later monitored Robau's bio-signs while Robau was aboard the Narada at the demand of its captain, Nero. He reported to Acting Captain George Kirk when Robau's heart rate began to elevate. Pitts began to evacuate with the rest of the crew when the Narada's attack continued.

It is unclear if he survived the attack on the Kelvin.

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