Peter Preston
Vital statistics
Position Midshipman 1st class

Engineer's mate

Age Born 2271
Status Died 2285
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Midshipman 1st Class Peter Preston was an engineer's mate aboard the USS Enterprise during its Starfleet Academy training cruise in 2285. Preston was the nephew of Montgomery Scott , the youngest child of Scott's sister. According to his uncle he was "crazy to get to space".

That year, Preston met Admiral James Kirk during an inspection tour of the Enterprise. While inspecting engineering, Preston challenged Kirk's assessment of the ship, charging the admiral with being as blind as a Tiberian bat, if he could not see that the Enterprise was the pride of the fleet. Upon Preston's digression, Kirk noted that he was a "tiger".

Following an unprovoked attack by the USS Reliant, later determined to be led by Khan Noonien Singh , the Enterprise was severely damaged in the engineering section. Preston stayed at his post throughout the attack, even when the other trainees ran and saved one of his fellow crewman from being trapped under the isolation door. He died from burns he sustained while assisting other engineers evacuate an area being sealed by a radiation shield.

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