Eure Robbins
NumberOne RichB
Vital statistics
Position Lieutenant

First officer Helmsman

Age Unknown
Status Active 2254
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

"Number One" was the nickname given by Captain Christopher Pike to his first officer on the USS Enterprise. While Number One served in this role, she held the rank of lieutenant. She was noted for her exceptional intelligence and rationality, and Captain Pike regarded Number One as the most experienced officer on the Enterprise. According to the Talosian magistrate known as The Keeper, Number One's seeming lack of emotion was largely a pretense, however, and she often had fantasies that involved Captain Pike.

In 2254, when Captain Pike was kidnapped by the Talosians, Number One led the effort to rescue him, first by unsuccessfully attempting to use a laser cannon to blast open an entry to a Talosian underground lair where Pike was being held, and then by using the transporter in an attempt to infiltrate this layer. Number One was subsequently kidnapped, along with Yeoman Colt, for the purpose of providing Pike with a mate with whom he could procreate. In response to this, Number One set her laser pistol to overload, telling the Talosian Keeper that it was wrong to keep a colony of Humans as slaves, and that they would rather die. This, combined with an examination of the Enterprise's historical records, convinced the Talosians that Humans' unique hatred of captivity made them nonviable subjects, and they were subsequently allowed to return to the Enterprise