Nidani Ledrah
NidaniLedrah Titan RichB
Vital statistics
Position Lieutenant commander
Age Born 2347
Status Died 2379
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Nidani Ostaquin Ledrah was a female Tiburonian Starfleet officer who served as an engineer in the 24th century.

Ledrah was born in the northern region of planet Tiburon in 2347, and eventually entered Starfleet Academy in the mid-2360s. Following her graduation she was assigned to the USS Zapata as an engineer and spent five years aboard before transferring to another starship. By 2379, Ledrah had served aboard the USS Hathaway and the USS Lakota.

By late 2379, Ledrah held the rank of lieutenant commander and was assigned to the USS Titan as chief engineer. Immediately after signing aboard the Titan she began to work on several projects which would see her make a mark aboard the vessel, including work on the unique specifications for crew quarters for several humanoid and non-humanoid crewmembers, such as constructing the zero-g quarters for Lieutenant Melora Pazlar.

Ledrah often commented that her work was often held up by having to correct the mistakes by Ensigns Koasa and Paolo Rossini, or else arguing with them over engineering practices. Ledrah's friend, Ferengi geologist Bralik, would often tease Ledrah that she was hard on them because she had an attraction to them.

Ledrah also worked on making sure that all of the Titan's shuttlecraft were operable in time for the starship's launch. One of the shuttlecraft she prepared was the Armstrong, which was used by Captain William T. Riker to travel to the USS Enterprise-E. However, she was puzzled when Riker revealed that the shuttle wasn't named after Neil Armstrong, but Louis Armstrong instead.

In 2379, she was killed in an engineering disaster. Xin Ra-Havreii would take over as chief engineer following her death.

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