Morgan Primus
MorganPrimus RichB
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Morgan Primus (β) was the mother of Starfleet officer Robin Lefler, who was conceived on Morgan's first date with Robin's father. A near-immortal being, Morgan faked her own death in a shuttle accident off the coast of New Jersey during her daughter Robin's teenage years. Morgan turned up alive ten years later as a prisoner of the Momidiums in the Gamma Hydrinae system, traveling under the nom du voyage Morgan Primus. She'd come to Thallonian space with her companion, Tarella Lee, in search of the Prometheans.

In 2376, Morgan "died" but her consciousness remained in the USS Excalibur computer.

Morgan supposedly bears an uncanny resemblance to Number One, Nurse Christine Chapel, and Lwaxana Troi, and her voice is similar to the standard voice of the Starfleet computer (all played by Majel Barrett). In a tie-in, the novel Where Sea Meets Sky had Captain Christopher Pike's Number One referred to as "Morgan Lefler". This is odd since, if "Morgan Lefler" and "Morgan Primus" were intended to be the same person, it would seem she took a married name about a century before being involved with Mr. Lefler. This could be the result of a changed premise or miscommunication between authors. Peter David deliberately left the true identity and relation between Morgan Primus and Number One ambiguous to keep readers guessing on whether they really were the same character or not. It has not been revealed in any of his books to this date that they are related, but he has stated on various boards that Majel Barrett would be the actress of choice to play the role.

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