Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Active 2365
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Mordock was a 24th century Benzite Starfleet officer, the first of his species to gain a place in Starfleet Academy .

He sat the entrance exam on Relva VII in 2364, and he narrowly beat out Wesley Crusher for a place. He had trouble with the dynamic relationships part of the exam, but with the help of Crusher managed to score the second best time ever for the test. He regarded this as being unfair to Crusher, but was assured that Crusher's help was not the deciding factor between them. Apart from being the first Benzite in Starfleet, he was also famous for designing the Mordock Strategy.

Mordock was from the same geostructure as Mendon and they therefore looked alike. Wesley Crusher commented on the similairty when Mendon came aboard the USS Enterprise-D in 2365.

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