Miri TOS RichB
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Born before 1966
Status Active 2266
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Miri was a young girl from a planet originally almost identical to 1960s Earth. Like all survivors on her world, Miri was infected with the life prolongation complex. When the USS Enterprise landing party encountered her in 2266, she was over three hundred years old.

The landing party discovered Miri hiding in an abandoned building. When first encountered, she was terrified of these "grups", and begged them not to hurt her. Eventually, they won her trust. From her, they learned that grups had become insane, and the children, or Onlies, learned to fear them and hide from them.

The landing party had become infected with the life prolongation complex, and could not return to the ship. Miri helped them find the building where scientific research had been conducted, and performed various small tasks for them, mostly because she had developed a crush on Captain Kirk .

Ultimately, Miri became jealous when she saw Kirk embracing Janice Rand , who was crying in fear of the disease. Miri took this the wrong way and arranged with the other Onlies to kidnap Rand. Kirk managed to convince Miri to take him to the children, by explaining to her that she and they would eventually develop the fatal form of the life prolongation complex, and that long before then, starvation would likely kill the younger children.

When the Enterprise left their world, Miri and the other Onlies were left in the care of a team of medical specialists from the Enterprise, with additional adults en route.

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