Minuet Bridge
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First Holodeck character
Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes

Minuet was a sultry female holodeck character on board the USS Enterprise-D, created by Commander William T. Riker in 2364. Minuet, who was highly astute and self aware, existed within the confines of a program of the Bourbon Street Bar, a New Orleans jazz club set in the year 1958.

Wishing to play some music, Riker specified the location and requested an audience for the program. Initially the system created a full crowd, but Riker reduced the audience to one, a woman. The system created the female character first as a blonde, but Riker changed her appearance to that of a brunette because - as he said - "blondes and jazz seldom go together". The character was further revised at his request that she appear "sultry" until her final configuration was set.

The Minuet program was later relocated to the holodecks on board USS Titan. It was the core of the Avatar program when the ship's computer ascended to become an AI with her own agenda. 

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