Michael Eddington
MichaelEddington DS9 RichB
Vital statistics
Position Maquis

Lieutenant commander Security officer

Age Unknown
Status Died 2373
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Michael Eddington was a Starfleet security officer assigned to station Deep Space 9. Eddington became disillusioned with Starfleet and the Federation, and joined the Maquis. He was captured, but was killed during a special operation while serving his sentence. Eddington was born in Canada

Eddington was stationed to DS9 in 2371 as the station's Chief of Starfleet security after first contact with the Dominion. This was done in part to increase Starfleet control of the station's security operations, as Starfleet did not have full confidence in the current security chief, Odo.

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