Lester "Les" Foster
LesFoster VOY RichB
Vital statistics
Position Lieutenant
Age Born 20 April 2339
Status Active 2376
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Les Foster was a human male, and member of Starfleet. He is most noted for being the first leader of the Hazard Team.

Born in 2339, Foster was raised in Australia and lived a tough, simple life. His family, like others on Earth, were "Manualists". They believed that modern technology made people weak and manual labor was important to character building, hence their motto "labor omnia vincit" ("labor conquers all"). He joined Starfleet at a young age and went into service as a marine, fighting in the Cardassian Wars. Afterwards, he returned to Starfleet for officer training. To his disgust, many of his former squadmates joined the Maquis to illegally fight the Cardassians in 2370. When offered the Voyager assignment to help capture some of these Maquis, he gladly signed up as leader of Voyager's Beta Squad Security Team.

Upon the ship's transport to the Delta Quadrant, Foster helped train some of the Maquis he wanted to capture. Eventually, he got to know them again and became friends with many of them. When Lieutenant Commander Tuvok created the Hazard Team in 2376, Foster was at the top of his candidate list and was assigned as leader of the team. On a mission to gather a needed element to help the ship escape a dampening field, Foster was captured and partially assimilated by the Borg. He was later rescued by his protégé Alexander Munro, who took up the team's leadership duties while Foster was recuperating in the ship's sickbay.

It is presumed that Foster returned to the Alpha Quadrant when Voyager transported through the Borg's transwarp hub. He was likely reassigned to a security position of some kind in Starfleet, since he did not join the rest of the team aboard the USS Enterprise-E in 2380.

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