Leeta RichB
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Active 2375
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Leeta was orphaned when she was a child, and never knew her parents or her family name. As a young girl during the Occupation, she went to work as a servant in the home of a Cardassian named Gallek. Gallek treated her well, and despite a growing attraction to her as she matured, never went beyond verbal compliments. Leeta used her influence with Gallek to make the lives of his servants better. Gallek died a week before the end of the Occupation, and Cardassian forces burned his house during the withdrawal, leaving Leeta homeless. She gathered up the money she had managed to save over the years, and eventually made her way to Deep Space 9.

Leeta had begun working as a dabo girl at Quark's by late 2371. She was immediately attracted to Julian Bashir and faked a cough to be close to him. The two would later start dating. In 2373, Leeta joined Bashir, Dax, Worf and Quark on their vacation trip to Risa. While there, she and Bashir ended their relationship with the Rite of Separation ceremony. Leeta admitted her love of Rom to Bashir and Quark during the vacation. Rom and Leeta later decided to marry, although an argument over a Waiver of Property and Profit document made Leeta briefly call it off. Rom would later relent and gave all his latinum to the Bajoran War Orphans Fund. Leeta would marry Rom later that year, in a ceremony officiated at by Benjamin Sisko. After the wedding was over, Rom told Leeta to follow Shakaar Edon's order for all Bajorans to leave DS9 before the Dominion arrived. Leeta and Rom later hired Doctor Orpax to deliver the baby. After a difficult, life-threatening pregnancy, Leeta gave birth to a baby girl, named Bena after Benjamin Sisko, and the Bajoran word for "joy". (The name also meant "underflooring" in Ferengi.)

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