Konom Comics RichB
Vital statistics
Position Helmsman
Age Unknown
Status Active 2287
Physical attributes
Height 6'1"
Weight 200 lbs

Konom was a pacifist Klingon defector who served as an honorary ensign on board the USS Enterprise, the USS Excelsior, and the USS Enterprise-A from 2285 to 2287.

Konom was born to a powerful family on Qo'noS, who pushed the exceptionally and unusually bright young Klingon to become a key player of Cloud Game, a dangerous Klingon contest similar to three-dimensional chess that used live players and weapons.

Konom graduated into the Klingon Defense Force at a young age and served a long tour of duty under Captain Kor onboard the IKS Klothos.

Amid the destruction of a Klingon raid of the planet Christophi IX, Konom realized that he simply didn't have the will to be a brutal Klingon killing machine. In disgust, Konom threw down his weapon and tried to flee the battle. Konom was stopped by his superior, Lieutenant Gapo, and gaven him a choice-- either be executed on the spot, or slay an innocent Christophian child. Konom chose to slay the child, an act that haunted him for years.

Eventually, Konom was assigned to a newly constructed Klingon space station in Federation space that was hidden by a wormhole generator under the command of Captain Koloth. There, Konom met his first two humans, Starfleet Captain James T. Kirk and Ensign Nancy Bryce. Konom, who found certain aspects of war intellectually stimulating but considered the loss of life abhorrent, helped the Starfleet officers to destroy the wormhole station.

Kirk, believing in Konom's sincere distaste of war, brought the now-disgraced Klingon back with him to the USS Enterprise.

When many on the Federation Council wished to de-brief Konom and have him tried as spy, Kirk turned to his old flame Areel Shaw who worked to establish residency for Konom. With Shaw's help, Konom was able to serve aboard the Enterprise with an honorary rank of Ensign.

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