Keenser RichB
Vital statistics
Position Engineer
Age Unknown
Status Active 2258
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Keenser was bigger than a regular Roylan on Royla, making him mocked by others. In 2230, after first contact was between his people and the Federation Starfleet ship USS Kelvin, Keenser demonstrated his engineering skills to the Kelvin 's 1st officer, Lt. Cmdr. George S. Kirk and security officer, Lt. K'Bentayr in giving them a complete diagnostic and pinpointing the problem. With his parents wishes, Keenser was allowed to leave with Kelvin's away team to become the first of his people to leave. He experience space sickness on the way to Kelvin.

In 2233, three months after the destruction of the USS Kelvin, Keenser became the first Roylan to graduate from Starfleet Academy. For the next 25 years, Keenser was assigned to various ships, starbases and strange new worlds before becoming Chief Engineer of the new research station on Delta Vega. 

In 2258, Keenser was given a new engineer at the Starfleet outpost named Montgomery Scott.  Scott often belittled and berated Keenser, particularly regarding Keenser's tendency to climb up on things. It was clear that they were fond of each other, however; Keenser, in particular, was saddened when Scott transported with Kirk to the USS Enterprise.  Keenser was Scott's only company for months until they encountered James T. Kirk and Spock who had both been marooned on the planet. With Spock's assistance Scott was able to modify the outpost's transporter to function as a transwarp transporter and transport himself and Kirk to the USS Enterprise, leaving Keenser with Spock.

After the Enterprise defeated Nero and the Narada Keenser and Spock were both retrieved from Delta Vega and Keenser joined the Enterprise crew, serving under Scott in engineering.

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