Kargh was a Klingon, a member of the Klingon Defense Force and captain of the IKS Dark Destroyer.  Kargh was recently named Warlord in the restructuring of the Klingon Empire. He led an underground organization in support of the Kitumba against the previous Warlord to restore honor to the Klingon Empire and thus earned the young Emperor’s trust.

Kargh was a member of the Great House of Mo’ Kai, a warrior, and a leader. He has always felt that leadership was his destiny, and comes from a background where he had to earn the respect of the ridge headed majority of Klingon society because he is a descendant of a warrior affected by the Augment Virus.

To win his captain’s sash he took a simulated test like the Kobyashi Maru, in which he battled the Federation for days before gaining the surrender of none other than Kirk himself.

In 2268 he sent his vessel into neutral space near planet Babel and gave chase to Enterprise shuttlecraft Archer in an attempt to kill ambassador Rayna Morgan. His attempt failed and he left the system however subsequently when the Enterprise sent a distress signal Kargh responded with good intentions. With his help they were able to expose a plot by a failing Federation colony in the Esterian system to ignite a war with the Klingon Empire.

Kargh died in 2272 when, while commanding the IKS Amar the V'Ger probe destroyed the ship and two others.

Kargh’s wife, Le'Ak, served as First Officer aboard the Dark Destroyer.

In an alternate timeline where the USS Enterprise had been destroyed by a Doomsday Machine in 2254, the signing of the HoH'egh Accord united the Federation and the Klingon Empire in a mutual self-preservation pact. Kargh was assigned as science officer of the USS Farragut in 2264.

In this timeline Lt. Cmdr. Spock along with most Vulcans were decimated by a Doomsday Machine which destroyed planet Vulcan, Kargh served as Captain James T. Kirk's First Officer.

In 2268 the Farragut was sent to Gateway where they learned of the changes in the timeline. They used the Guardian of Forever to travel back through time and successfully corrected history; thus, Kargh never served on the starship.