Kamilah Goldstein
KamilahGoldstein Cadet RichB
Vital statistics
Position Cadet
Age Unknown
Status Died 2372
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Cadet Kamilah Goldstein was a human who enrolled in Starfleet Academy in 2372.

She arrived at Academy in 2372, and was named squadron leader of Omega Squad, under the command of Trill Commander Kyethn Zund. Other members of Omega Squad included Nog (the first Ferengi to enter the Academy), Matt Decker (who was the son of Admiral Dennis Decker), the Andorian Pava Ek'Noor sh'Aqabaa , and T'Priell of Vulcan.

Kamilah was extremely loyal to her squad-mates, and would defend them even when she disapproved of their actions. This included getting involved in a bar-room brawl in Sydney, Australia when Pava angered one of the locals, and rescuing Matt Decker when he ran afoul of the traitorous Red Squad during Admiral James Leyton's attempted military coup of the Federation. 

When Omega Squad went on their first supervised flight mission on a runabout to an uncharted planet, they were attacked by the Klingon cadet squad known as First Cadre. The two squadrons fought to a stand-still until Pava invoked a Klingon challenge to settle the dispute through single combat.

First Cadre's leader, Murg insisted that his squad-mate Kovold be the one to fight as he and Pava were once involved. Kamilah refused to let Pava fight the man she loved to the death and ordered Pava to stand down and accepted the challenge herself.

Kamilah defeated Kovold but refused to kill him. She then made the mistake of turning her back on Kovold, who was still enveloped by battle-lust. Kovold then attacked Kamilah with his Bat'leth, killing her. Before she died, she ordered Omega Squad to stand down, as she would not have any more killing, especially not on her behalf. 

Kamilah was buried on Earth, in Jerusalem. Omega Squad served as her pall-bearers.