John Harriman
Vital statistics
Position Captain

Commanding officer of NCC-1701-B

Age Born 2259
Status Active 2293
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

John Harriman was a Starfleet officer and captain of the Excelsior-class USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B.

Harriman was noted for inviting questions on the bridge and mixing both strength and decisiveness with patience and informality. This duality allowed him to keep a very open but functional relationship with his crew without employing an unnecessary amount of harsh discipline.

As a child in grade school, Harriman read about the legendary missions of the crew of the original Federation Starship Enterprise, a fact which he related to James T. Kirk , Montgomery Scott , and Pavel Chekov during the Enterprise-B's christening ceremony in 2293, at which the three were guests of honor.

Still rather young when he took command of the Enterprise in 2293, Harriman was somewhat ineffective in rescuing transports from the energy ribbon known as the Nexus. He was able to swallow his pride and ask James T. Kirk, a guest of honor on the shakedown, for advice. Unfortunately, Kirk was apparently killed during this encounter.

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