Janos NewFrontier RichB
Vital statistics
Position Ensign

Securitu force

Age Unknown
Status Active 2376
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Janos was ensign aboard the USS Excalibur-A in 2376 and part of Zak Kebron 's security force. He was a genetically-altered Mugato. His file was classified due to his genetically-altered nature, caused by Doctor Bethom.

Janos was temporarily transferred to the USS Trident in 2376 and had a short-term relationship with M'Ress . Shortly after, he learned that M'Ress had been mentally assaulted by Gleau. Gleau was later killed, with all the evidence pointing to Janos. He was very determined in maintaining his innocence, so much so that Zak Kebron started his investigation believing it. At one time Janos' character changed in a matter of seconds, allowing him to escape from custody by outrunning the guards around him. He was tracked by M'Ress, and, in a relatively short time, was arrested again. When his character changed back to normal, he had no recollection of how he had acted. Only through a mind-meld with Ambassador Spock did he remember his crime.

He was last seen on planet Neural, joining a tribe of wild Mugato, having lost all abilities that made him unique, insofar as sentience goes. Whether or not his mixed DNA from multiple species was still prevalent, or whether his Mugato DNA re-wrote the rest of his DNA (in a manner similar to a retro virus) was unknown. Additionally, when Janos was "released", as it were, onto Neural, he was involved in a scuffle with several Mugato from a tribe he subsequently joined after defeating at least two members with Judo throws (clearly, his muscle memory remained un-impaired)

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