Henry Prescott III
Prescott Phase2 RichB
Vital statistics
Position Lieutenant commander
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Formally Security Chief on the USS Farragut, Lt. Comander Henry "Hank" Francis Prescott III transferred for the chance of joining the security team on the best ship in the fleet. A fourth generation Starfleet officer, his father was killed on the Enterprise during “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, for which he still blames Kirk: so it’s not entirely clear why he transferred. At times both stubborn and inflexible, he does not like to either break or bend the rules. The Starfleet regulations manual is his idea of light reading: he knows it by heart and loves quoting it. In his free time, he practices martial arts, boxing, weightlifting and other physical/fighting skills. He also enjoys reading books on war and strategy, and is a master at three-dimensional chess. Not to be confused with someone who lives to fight, Hank is willing to look at scenarios with the most conscious sense of victory. If victory involves non-violent action, then he will be the first to suggest that action. He does not, however, flinch in the face of any enemy, no matter how overmatched he may be. He is known as a strict disciplinarian, requiring rigorous schedule and routine. Sarcasm is not his strong suit. he says exactly what he's thinking... very straight and to the point.

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