Gleau Trident RichB
Vital statistics
Position Lieutenant
Age Unknown
Status Died 2376
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Gleau, a Selelvian Lieutenant Commander aboard the USS Trident (NCC-31347) until 2376. Serial Number S152-520 SP. As a Selelvian, he had the ablity to enter other persons' thoughts. In 2376, he entered the thoughts of Shiboline M'Ress without permission. He maintained the illusion of his innocence, and M'Ress was unable to substantiate her claim of violation. Instead, M'Ress was believed to be guilty of making false accusations; very persons few believed her.

Gleau was brutally killed in 2376. Early in the investigation, evidence suggested that Ensign Janos had killed him, in revenge for the assault on M'Ress.

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