Girani Semna
GiraniSemna DS9 RichB
Vital statistics
Position Bajoran Militia surgeon
Age Unknown
Status Active 2376
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Girani Semna was a Bajoran female who lived in the 24th century. She was a Bajoran Militia surgeon and the main Bajoran doctor serving on Deep Space 9 in the 2370s. During the Cardassian Occupation, Girani knew several members of the Bajoran Resistance.

In 2374, she asked Jadzia Dax for a casualty report of those who had died aboard the Moon Zephyr.

Girani was dismissed by "Admiral Patrick" in 2375, after she asked too many "stupid questions" about who he and his group were.

Following a Jem'Hadar attack on DS9 in April of 2376, Girani, Julian Bashir and Simon Tarses worked throughout the day to treat the nearly two-hundred injured people on the station.

After a fight between several Bajorans and some of the Trager's crew in Quark's in July of that year, Girani and several medical personnel attended to the wounded. She later made a list of some of the Bajorans involved for them to attend anger management counseling with Phillipa Matthias.

In August, Girani officially pronounced Shakaar Edon as being deceased. She later performed his autopsy, discovering traces of isoboramine, showing that he had been joined, and the DNA of a Trill symbiont.

After it was revealed the parasites had returned, Girani briefed the Deep Space 9 crew, as well as Akellen Macet, on the parasites and how to detect and stop them.

Later that year, Girani requested reassignment to Bajor when DS9 became an official Starfleet space station. One of her last duties was a physical on Elias Vaughn for Starfleet Medical. Vaughn tried to pursuade her to join Starfleet, although Girani felt she would be better remaining in the Militia on Bajor. Her successor was Aylam Edeen.

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