Gillian Taylor
Vital statistics
Position Assistant Director

Cetacean Institute

Age Unknown
Status Active 2286
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Gillian Taylor, PhD was the assistant director of the Cetacean Institute until 1986. Dr. Taylor was an expert in Cetacean Biology and was especially fond of two Humpback whales in her care, George and Gracie.

In 1986, Gracie became pregnant, and Dr. Taylor had to arrange for them to be released back into the wild due to the inability to keep them in captivity. When the time came for them to be released, Gillian was contacted by Admiral James T. Kirk, who had come back in time to secure humpback whales for transport back to the 23rd century where they would repopulate the species and make contact with the alien probe that was unwittingly causing Earth's destruction. Taylor was understandably disbelieving of Kirk's claims, and infuriated with Spock's rather indiscreet method of communicating with the whales (Spock had entered the whales' tank and mind-melded with one of them and informed them of the plan to rescue Earth in the future).

After being transported to 2286, the 20th century marine biologist Gillian Taylor became the Federation's Temporal Displacement Division's inaugural patient.

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