Tellarite Alien RichB
Vital statistics
Position Ambassador
Age Unknown
Status Died 2268
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Ambassador Gav was a prominent Federation representative from Tellar.

Prior to the late 2260s, Gav had lost many arguments with Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan. He held a grudge against Sarek because of this.

In 2268, his mission was to represent Tellarite interests at the Babel Conference. He opposed the Coridan admission into the Federation, due to Tellarite mining interests on that planet. He was an outspoken opponent of his Vulcan counterpart, Ambassador Sarek. At a cocktail party aboard the ship, Ambassador Gav quarreled openly with Sarek about the admission of Coridan into the Federation. He demanded to know how Sarek would vote. He confronted Sarek later, and again demanded to know how he would vote. When Sarek told him that he would vote for admission and alluded to illegal Tellarite mining operations, Gav physically confronted him but was knocked down by Sarek.

Gav was later killed by Thelev, an Orion spy posing as a member of the Andorian delegation. Gav's body was hidden in an engineering circuit bay located on Deck 11, Section A3. Thelev then used the tal-shaya, a Vulcan technique, to incriminate Ambassador Sarek

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