Vital statistics
Position Communications officer
Age Unknown
Status Active 2254
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Garison was a Human Starfleet chief petty officer who served aboard the USS Enterprise under Captain Christopher Pike in 2254. Garison served as the communications officer when the Enterprise intercepted the distress call from the SS Columbia.

He was among all of the Talos IV landing parties, where he carried a large radio backpack. He was among the initial landing party that discovered the illusory Columbia camp, then later during Number One's failed attempt to use a laser cannon to shear off the rock-face to gain entry into the Talosian's underground settlement. He is also to join the third party, which was attempting to transport into the Talosian's underground settlement, but was prevented by the Talosians, who only allowed the transport of Number One and J.M. Colt

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