Gaila Cadet RichB
Vital statistics
Position Cadet
Age Unknown
Status Active 2258
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Cadet Gaila was a female 23rd century Orion individual who was an upper-class student at Starfleet Academy in 2258, in the new timeline. She had an intimate relationship with James T. Kirk. Gaila was one of a number of cadets who were pressed into as service Starfleet officers by an emergency order from Admiral Richard Barnett during the crisis in the Vulcan system.

Gaila's fate is unknown, as it is not clear what ship she was assigned to. If it was any ship other than the Enterprise, however, then she was very likely killed when those ships were destroyed by the Narada at the Battle of Vulcan.  A green-skinned cadet can be seen in the background among the group of cadets who witness Kirk's promotion to captain of the Enterprise, and it is unknown whether this is Gaila or a different cadet.

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