Flotter T. Water, III was a fictional water elemental and a character in an interactive holodeck fairy tale series for children called The Adventures of Flotter, which were whimsical stories set in the Forest of Forever and featured other element-themed characters such as Flotter's wooden friend Trevis and the villainous Ogre of Fire.

In 2375, Neelix used the Adventures of Flotter holostories to comfort Naomi Wildman while they waited for word on whether Naomi's mother, who had crashed in a shuttle, was safe. After Naomi and her mother were reunited safely, they visited Flotter together.

Neelix and Harry Kim replicated a Flotter doll for Naomi, after she became upset when the holographic Flotter had disappeared due to a fire in the Forest of Forever. While working on the doll, Kim recalled being a fan of the Flotter stories when he was a child. 

When Naomi was scared later that year, when the whole crew of the USS Voyager was acting strangely because of the influence of the telepathic pitcher plant, she took the Flotter doll with her to cargo bay 2 where Seven of Nine was working. 

Also in 2375, Neelix told the Brenari children stories of Flotter as a comforting diversion from their being hunted by the Devore Imperium, but they kept reading his mind and preempting the story.

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