Ellec Krotine
EllecKrotine Titan RichB
Vital statistics
Position Crewman

Security guard

Age Unknown
Status Active 2381
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Ellec Krotine was a golden-skinned Boslic female Starfleet crewman who served as a security crewmember aboard the USS da Vinci in the late 2370s.

In 2381, she transferred to the USS Titan to replace the crew members who transferred off. She ran into Deanna Troi walking down one of Titan's halls.

On 30 September 2381, Krotine was assigned to accompany Department of Temporal Investigations agents Teresa Garcia and Meyo Ranjea into the Axis of Time aboard the shuttlecraft Cincinnatus. She was excited at the thought of time travel and couldn't believe that all Garcia could think of was the paperwork the trip would entail. Also assigned was Lieutenant commander Melora Pazlar who ordered Krotine to accompany Garcia once aboard the Axis Hub Station.

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