Elizabeth Lense
ElizabethLense DS9-SCE RichB
Vital statistics
Position Commander

Chief medical officer

Age Born November 4, 2341
Status Active 2377
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Elizabeth Lense was a female human born November 4, 2341, the daughter of Jennifer Almieri. She was one of a pair of fraternal twins; her brother, Jonathan, supposedly around the age of sixteen.

In 2374, when Academy classmate Julian Bashir was revealed to have been illegally genetically enhanced, Lense fell under suspicion of being similarly altered. She was detained for a month by Commander Phil Selden at Starbase 314 during the ensuing investigation.

Once cleared of suspicion, she returned to the Lexington, just prior to a battle against Dominion forces in the Setlik system, where the entire medical staff was killed.

After the end of the Dominion War in late 2375, Lense was transferred to the USS da Vinci, where she replaced former CMO Dr. Tydoan.

In late 2376, Lense was nominated for the Bentman Prize, along with Bashir. En route to the awards ceremony, the two were lost in a parallel universe and stranded on a war-torn planet. While there, Lense had an affair with a rebel leader named Saad. Both she and Bashir were eventually rescued by the da Vinci. Once escaped, Lense discovered that she was pregnant by Saad.

Several months later, during the eighth month of her pregnancy, Lense was promoted to Commander, and transferred off the da Vinci to take her maternity leave on Earth. On Earth, she learned her mother had been killed, and Lense was instrumental in discovering the nature of the killer.

Lense accepted a new posting to the Starfleet Medical Forensics Division office in Washington, DC, turning down an offer from Bashir to join his staff on Deep Space 9.

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