Elizabeth Cutler
Vital statistics
Position First class


Age Unknown
Status Active 2153
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

An exobiologist and enlisted crewman serving on the Enterprise NX-01, Cutler has a specialty in entomology. She was part of the away team that was infected with a strange hallucinogen while trapped by a storm on a mysterious Earth-like planet's surface. Later, she was mentored by Dr. Phlox to become a part-time medic, assisting him in his research on the crisis on Valakis and tending to an injured Ensign Mayweather while the doctor was partaking of his annual hibernation. She developed a romantic attraction to Phlox, and enjoyed taking in the occasional movie with him, but eventually told him that she just wanted to be friends. Cutler also tried to befriend the aloof T'Pol, but to no avail.

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