Edam Astrun
EdamAstrun Cadet RichB
Vital statistics
Position Cadet
Age Unknown
Status Active 2372
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Starfleet cadet Edam Astrun was a male Betazoid who entered Starfleet Academy mid-term in 2372.

Edam joined Starfleet Academy in mid-2372 and was assigned to Omega Squad under the command of Commander Kyethn Zund of the planet Trill. Astrun telepathically absorbed the lessons he had missed and shortly caught up with the rest of his class. Astrun made little effort at first to get along with his squad-mates (claiming Starfleet to be overly violent and warlike), except for the Vulcan T'Priell, to whom which he was immediately attracted and sensed the conflicted nature of her soul.

An attempt on Astrun's life was made shortly after his arrival by a Changeling who had infiltrated the Academy. The shape-shifter had assumed the form of Astrun's squad-mate Nog in an attempt to divert suspicion from itself. However, Astrun was able to send Nog a telepathic warning about his attacker's true identity, and soon after recovering from his wounds helped Omega defeat to the Changeling while working as a part of a team for the first time. As Astrun probed the Changeling's mind, Astrun began to see the details of a complex Dominion plot against the Federation, but the Changeling took his own life before allowing Astrun to make sense of what he saw.

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