The USS da Vinci (NCC-81623) was a Saber-class Starfleet vessel commissioned circa 2370 and assigned to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers.

The Starfleet Corps of Engineers (also referred to as "Corps of Engineers" or SCE) was a special projects division of Starfleet, assigned to deal with projects and missions requiring high degrees of engineering expertise.

The corps was founded in 2156, as part of the United Earth Starfleet. They were originally an assortment of Starfleet engineers sent to build Starbase 1 in the Algeron system. The group informally called themselves the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. Once the base was completed, Admiral Gardner made the title official, as he wanted to keep the efficient crew together and move them to a new project.

Prior to the late 23rd century, the SCE was considered a low priority by Starfleet, in terms of providing equipment and ships. In 2264, under the orders of then SCE commander Captain Robert Andreassi, they received three decades-old decommissioned Daedalus-class ships for their use: the USS Lovell, the USS Masao, and the USS Zander.

Through the latter half of the century, the SCE's regard within Starfleet grew, undertaking missions such as asteroid excavation for use by the Genesis Project.

Circa 2270, Starfleet Corps of Engineering personnel were dispatched to Talin IV to study the wreckage of the USS Enterprise, under the belief that its nacelle was being drawn away from the ship and into subspace. Later, the Corps was assigned with converting one of the gas giants in the Talin system to provide food for an ancient spaceborne lifeform dubbed "The One".

In 2279, Starfleet created a new position, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers Command Liaison. Mahmud al-Khaled, formerly the commander of the Corps detachment aboard the USS Lovell, was the first to hold this position. It was later held by Admiral John Harriman, and then Captain Montgomery Scott.

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