Star Trek: Phase II (formerly known as Star Trek: New Voyages) is a live-action fan film series created by James Cawley in April 2003, and funded by James' career as an Elvis tribute artist (voted #1 in the country by Elvis' personal associates in 1996). In addition to Cawley Entertainment Company, a volunteer troupe of fans formed Retro Film Studios, LLC to help continue the project. The series picks up where The Animated Series left off, filming season 5, and putting new actors into the original series roles.

This production has the blessing of Eugene Roddenberry, Jr (Gene Roddenberry's son) and operates under Paramount's radar, as long as they make no money from the production. Several actors who once appeared on the original Star Trek series have appeared in this production including Eddie Paskey and John Winston, who both guested in "Come What May". In addition, former Star Trek: Communicator editor and current Star Trek Magazine contributor Larry Nemecek has had roles in "Come What May", "To Serve All My Days" and the recently-released "Vignette" episode "No-Win Scenario".

During an appearance at the Farpoint Science Fiction Media Convention in Baltimore, Maryland on 16 February 2008, James Cawley announced a rebranding of New Voyages to become Star Trek: Phase II. The renamed series will continue to follow the remaining two years of James T. Kirk's original five-year mission, while bridging the gap between the three seasons of the original Star Trek television series and Star Trek: The Motion Picture.



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