Carol Abramowitz
Abramowitz SCE RichB
Vital statistics
Position Crewman

Cultural specialist

Age Unknown
Status Active 2376
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Carol Abramowitz, Ph.D., was a human crewman in Starfleet in the 24th century, a specialist in sociology and alien cultures.

Early in her career, Abramowitz considered becoming an archaeologist. She earned her Master's degree from Cambridge University in London.

Early in her career, Abramowitz was friends with fellow sociologist Martin Mansur. However, Mansur betrayed her by stealing her work and ideas, which he turned into a presentation that earned him one of the highest honors of their profession. As a result, she avoided any professional conferences where the two of them might cross paths for several years afterward.

Ambramowitz enlisted in Starfleet in 2365. After several years, she was given her first shipboard assignment, joining the crew of the USS da Vinci. Her first away mission was at planet Ligon II, where the SCE crew was assigned to repair an orbital station. Abramowitz found it a challenge mediating between the Starfleet crew and the highly ritualized Ligonian culture.

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