Vital statistics
Position Captain
Age Unknown
Status Active 2374
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Captain Boday was a 24th century Gallamite ship commander. He was a typical Gallamite, with a toothy smile and a transparent skull. He was also quite talkative and was known to have a good sense of humor.

In mid-2370, Jadzia Dax went on a dinner date with Boday, a man whom she felt was a brilliant individual. His transparent skull did not faze her.

In 2373, Boday and Jadzia had lunch together. Several days later, while Worf and Jadzia were vacationing on Risa, Worf brought up Captain Boday as one of the many people he believed Jadzia might be unfaithful to him with. Ezri Dax would later confess that Jadzia had indeed slept with him, albeit before Worf and Jadzia had met. 

In 2374, Jadzia tried to get Kira to bring Boday as a guest to dinner. Kira cited several reasons she would not like to, including the fact that he was an ex-boyfriend of Jadzia's, Worf hated him and, once again, his transparent skull put her off. 

During the Dominion War, Boday was among the Gallamites who carried duranium for the Federation. Worf became angry when he learned that Ezri had had lunch with him

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