Bada N'D'D
Vital statistics
Position Chief delegate to the Parliament


Age Unknown
Status Active 2364
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Badar N'D'D was a member of the Antican species, who were enemies of the Selay. In 2364, he served as the chief delegate to the Parliament conference, where his people attempted to resolve their differences with their enemies, the Selay.

Both the Anticans and the Selay wished to join the United Federation of Planets, but the Federation insisted that the differences between the two races be resolved first. The conference, which was held at the neutral planet of Parliament, was set up for this purpose.

Badar and his delegation, as well as the Selay delegation, were transported to Parliament aboard the USS Enterprise-D. Upon arriving on the Enterprise-D, Badar N'D'D' and his delegation were kept as far from the Selay as possible

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