Ari bn Bem
Vital statistics
Position Honorary Commander
Age Unknown
Status Active 2270
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Ari bn Bem was a Pandronian who served as an honorary commander aboard the USS Enterprise in 2270.

Bem was traveling aboard the Enterprise as an independent observer during a series of exploratory and contact missions. He spent the first six missions in his quarters, until stardate 7403.6, when he finally emerged to accompany and observe the contact party that was preparing to investigate the aborigine lifeforms recently discovered on Delta Theta III.

Bem took advantage of the opportunity to observe not only the Delta Theta III aborigines but also the crew of the Enterprise. To this end, Bem surreptitiously deprived members of the landing party, on the planet, of their communicators and phasers in an attempt to force them to deal with the situation without technological help.

According to Bem, James T. Kirk had been identified by Starfleet as its best Captain and so he was chosen as the observation subject. Despite this, Bem felt Kirk's actions belied Starfleet's assessment, in particular his inability to rescue Bem from the aborigines. However, Bem was forced to reverse this judgment, to the point of considering disassembling himself, when his own actions jeopardized himself, the Enterprise crew, and the aborigines.

As a Pandronian, Bem was a colony creature. He referred to himself as "this one" rather than the expected "I," and addressed members of the Enterprise crew with their names, followed by their ranks, as in "Kirk Captain."

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