Vital statistics
Position Con artist
Age Unknown
Status Active 2367
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Ardra was a devil-like figure in Ventaxian culture. The Ventaxian people consider it bad luck to say her name out loud. During the 13th century, the planet Ventax II faced a number of crises, including war, and pollution. During this period, the Contract With Ardra was drafted, stating that Ardra would provide the Ventaxian people with 1,000 years of peace and prosperity, and at the end of which, the planet and its people would become her property.

In 2367, a female con artist took the identity of Ardra, and used a number of holographic and transporter tricks to convince the Ventaxians she was their legendary benefactor. When challenged by the crew of the USS Enterprise-D, "Ardra" also presented herself as humanity's Devil, and Fek'lhr of Klingon mythology. Eventually, the Enterprise was able to disprove her claim on Ventax II, and took her and her ship into custody.

By 2372, "Ardra"'s technology had been adapted by Starfleet Cadet Bael Nomine in order to create the impression that a Changeling had infiltrated the USS Enterprise-E and Starbase 375.

Nomine's equipment was later stolen from Starbase 50 and used by Klingon agents.

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