Vital statistics
Position Musician
Age Unknown
Status Active 2368
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Amarie was a musician who played in a bar on Qualor II when the USS Enterprise-D visited the planet in 2368.

She was from an unknown race of aliens, and she appeared to be ideally suited to playing the piano: she had two pairs of hands. She enjoyed suck salt, though she considered it a nasty habit. She offered to play Andorian blues for Commander William T. Riker. Instead of paying her money for information, Riker taught her some jazz routines on the piano. She also played a selection from the Klingon opera Aktuh and Maylota for Worf.

Amarie's ex-husband, an arms smuggler, was killed when his warship encountered the Enterprise-D in 2368. Riker contacted her when he was investigating the incident and the theft of surplus Vulcan ships and materials. She directed him to Omag, a Ferengi arms trader, whom she said always wanted to hear the same song, "Melor Famagal".

In Jeri Taylor's novelization of "Unification," she gives the name of Amarie's homeworld as "Talemstra".

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